Our Core Values

Provide honest dialogue
Act with integrity
Nurture positive relationships
Care like family
Reinforce healthy habits

Welcome To Our Family

Welcome To
Our Family

My Montessori School provides the safest, cleanest, most nurturing educational environment for your child. Our aim is to combine personal attention and professional childcare with distinct opportunities to encourage your child’s social, intellectual, creative, physical, and emotional growth. We recognize that each child is unique; therefore, these opportunities for growth and learning are developmentally appropriate, and based on the interests and needs of the individual child.
Most importantly, our children develop an understanding of their self-confidence and needs, who they are and how social groups can become compassionate and responsible members. Our staff are knowledgeable, selfless and innovative and provide a warm, loving environment for your child. Our students WILL succeeded in ELEMENTARY schools suitable for their lifelong learning journeys


The mission of My Montessori School is to provide a unique community comprised of children, caregivers, teachers, administrators, and families where each child can experience early childhood life in a safe, healthy, caring, and educationally rich environment. The environment is unique to the children of each smaller community, or classroom, with caregivers and teachers working closely with the families to provide the basic needs and beyond, focusing on the developmental needs of each child.


Our Mission is to provide state-of-the-art care in an environment that is development-supportive and family-centered.


We believe that early learning is relationship-based. Our fundamental goal is to establish trusting relationships among children, teachers, and parents. Carefully constructed early education experiences promote exploration, critical thinking, cooperative play, and the development of mutual respect.

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