Pre School Program

36 months through Kindergarten Entrance

The preschool program at My Montessori School is exceptional. There are two preschool classrooms that your child will be able to explore. We have incorporated Experience Curriculum all year round for your child to further their development. All staff members will assist your child to enhance his/her developmental and social needs through skills which are learned in daily activities. Each classroom’s learning environment is set up in interest areas for children to explore on their own. We provide each preschooler with many activities throughout the day to stimulate their development. Monthly field trips are offered to all preschool children to help them learn outside the classroom.


At the heart of the My Montessori School approach to early childhood education is Experience Curriculum. In small-group interactions, teachers use already individualized experiences that are based on already entered assessment data. Our classrooms are loaded with intuitive planning, intentional teaching, and integrated assessment for the greatest success of our little preschool learners.

Daily Schedule

Our preschool daily schedules keep our preschool learners on the go throughout the day. The daily activities our preschoolers participate in throughout the day include choice time, breakfast, small groups, large group meeting, AM snack, art, handwriting, large motor, outdoor time (weather permitting), read-aloud, independent reading, lunch, music and movement, quiet/rest/nap time, and afternoon snack.