Toddlers Program

12 months through 24 months

At this age, children develop a greater independence, but still have a strong need for one-on-one affection and attention. We encourage our toddlers to explore and discover new things with guidance and encouragement from Little Pioneer Academy staff members. At this age, a more structured schedule is also introduced. This helps children feel more secure by providing them with a sense of time and expectation of things to come. We have 2 toddler rooms that stimulate the toddlers’ creative imagination. All our toddler rooms are equipped with the latest age-appropriate toys and activities, so each child is fully engaged and enjoying each day. At My Montessori School staff members are well trained and work closely with parents to help their child reach important goal.


At the heart of the Kid’s Haven’s approach to early childhood education is Experience Curriculum, We intentionally engage children in language-rich interactions through their daily routines and experiences. That means that you can be confident that what we are doing is intentional, and that we are maximizing all opportunities for learning throughout the day.

Daily Schedule

Our Toddler program schedules are flexible to meet the needs of all children at various ages between 12 months to 24 months old. We communicate daily with parents APP to ensure we are following the schedule set forth by the family and work with parents to alter the schedule as toddlers grow and develop. The daily activities our toddlers participate in throughout the day include choice time, breakfast, diapering/toileting, read-aloud, large motor activities in our gym, group meeting, morning snack, outside (weather permitting), small groups, art, music and movement, lunch, nap, afternoon snack, and planned experiences.